What is an Accountant and What are their functions?

Maybe you’re considering hiring an accountant for your business, but what is an accountant? what does an accountant do?

The accounting management of a company, which is governed by the general Accounting plan, will allow you to know the economic and financial situation of your business at a specific time.

We define an accountant, as that person with technical knowledge who has the responsibility of keeping the accounts of a company.

What does an accountant do?

Certainly, companies can perform a high amount of economic and financial transactions throughout the day.

Such transactions must be recorded in accordance with the general accounting plan and must be done by an expert accountant. With the information obtained, you will be able to make an accounting analysis.

In this regard, you should understand that not everyone can keep the accounting of a company. It is necessary to have certain characteristics that, in addition, are linked to a correct professional profile.

Keeps a record of each of the company’s transactions using accounting entries. These records are intended to generate reports and balance sheets that allow you to see the current state of the company.

The accountant and its characteristics

A counter must have certain characteristics of its own. Here we show you some:

Mastery of numbers: Because accounting management involves working with economic transactions, a good accountant must have good numerical mastery and skills in numerical analysis.

Manage accounting information: It is necessary to have information in the accounting, tax, legal areas, among others. In addition, it is also an added value to all types of studies conducted in the area of Finance.

Communicative skills: You must have communicative skills. An accountant will be responsible for publicizing the economic/financial reports and balance sheets, so the language should be the right one. A clear and precise message.

Problem-solving skills: While the accountant will be responsible for accounting, he will also have to assume other functions. In many cases, you will need to help solve business management problems that may arise.

Legality: It is highly recommended that the accountant have official studies in this matter.

The professional field

The field in which accounting can be developed professionally can be in both the private and public sectors. You can also do this independently.

All companies and self-employed persons need to comply with the regulations of the commercial code, which obliges them to keep regulated accounting. With which the work of an accountant is necessary anywhere.

Many accountants set up their own offices, so while working for a company, they can carry out accounting work independently and independently.

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